Kiran BK demanded Dalit and LGBTI quotas in ANNFSU statutes plenum

Kathmandu : All Nepal National Free Student Union  (ANNFSU ) has completed its two day statutes plenum. It was held in September 17 & 18 in Kathmandu , Nepal.  The statutes plenum was attended by more than 500 student leaders. Attendees were from all over Nepal. The plenum was inaugurated by chairperson KP Sharma Oli. Serious discussion were made during the two day plenum. Nine groups were made for the discussion.

During the same session, Kiran BK had proposed the quota for Dalit community and sex minority LGBTIQ. Kiran BK submitted the written paper to the chair committee to address the subject of Dalit community and LGBTIQ minority and explained verbally why Dalit’s and LGBTIQ must be include in central committee . Kiran BK is central committee member of the ANNFSU. BK had asked 39 dalits quota and 4 LGBTIQ quotas. The vitals of ANNFSU will take in consideration of the Kiran BK’s proposal in coming week. Probably Kiran BK is first person to propose LGBTI quotas in any student’s organization as political agenda.

The ANNFSU executive vitals have taken right to amend, edit and add the clauses in proposed statutes. ANNFSU is the largest and most influential student organization in Nepal.  ANNFSU President Sunita Baral and  ANNFSU senior vice president RC Lamichhane had addressed the plenum.

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